10 Twitter accounts every startup founder should follow


Twitter can be a crowded place these days, and there can be plenty of chatter without substance. While we at Character still find the platform a great place to listen and learn about global news stories, tuning out the filler makes all the difference. And who better to share their top accounts than our own MD Kate Dinon? Here are ten Twitter accounts she recommends every startup founder should follow.

1. Gavin Appel (@gavinappel), co-founder Onestack 

My old mate. Gav has many words of wisdom and is one of the most generous people I know. SPOILER ALERT!

2. Erin Griffith (@eringriffith), senior writer WIRED

I have been following Erin's writing since she was at PandoDaily, then to Fortune, and now at WIRED. Erin also has a hilarious, but infrequent, personal newsletter through TinyLetter.

3. Niki Skevac (@nikiskevac), co-founder Blackbird Ventures

The founder of Startmate and co-founder of Blackbird Ventures, Niki has a long-term horizon view and is a very deep thinker. This interview with Niki on Ian Gardiner's 'Open The Pod Bay Doors' podcast is well worth a listen.  

4. Annie Parker (@annie_parker), CEO Fishburners

Annie has done so much in a relatively short time for the Australian startup community. Annie's positivity and support are constant. 

5. Ben Thompson (@benthompson) author/founder Stratechery

Ben co-hosts my favourite podcast, Exponent. His newsletter Stratechery is well worth the subscription. A sharp mind.

6. Adir Shiffman (@adirshiffman), executive chairman, Catapult Sports  

The Executive Chair of Catapult Sports and truth teller. Adir tells a great story, check out his LinkedIn posts too for some warts and all startup tales. 

7. Kara Swisher (@karaswisher), co-founder Recode

The formidable technology journalist and co-founder of Recode never lets anyone get away with a vague response and holds her subjects to account. 

8. Jason Calacanis (@jason)

The world's most famous angel investor? Jason was early into Uber and many other successful tech companies. He runs the hugely successful LAUNCH festival and is bringing it to Australia in 2018. He also has a new book, 'Angel'.  

9. Ryan Hoover (@rrhoover), founder Product Hunt

Founder of @ProductHunt. Reason I have 7 screens on my iPhone. 

10. Kate Morris (@morris_kate), founder Adore Beauty

Founder of @AdoreBeauty and kickass entrepreneur. Kate is one of the finest speakers I have seen, too, as she comes at everything with humility and honesty. And most importantly, she keeps it real.