Before We Finish: Megan Morton


One of our favourite things about work is the interesting people we meet every day. When we remember, we ask people a few quick questions 'before we finish' our meetings. This edition: Stylist, author and founder of The School, Megan Morton 

Who is your last text from? What does it say?
To my husband and older kids and it was pizza and wine emojis with a question mark,  7pm 'love supreme' with a punch emoji.

Do you have a mentor?
Yes - Robyn Holt, see her small business makeover class here.

What podcast do you never miss?

The Art of Charm.

What are your favourite timesaving tools? 

Get up an hour earlier than anyone in your house to set your mind on the mandatories, the challenges, the opportunities.  I love Arianna Huffington's recent line that 'five seconds to get ready versus plenty of time' could be a short circuit to a breakdown. 

What makes a space beautiful in your opinion?

Actual space. It's the ultimate luxury. 

How do you create balance in a space? 

I work to heighten the atmosphere above anything.  So it's a layered approach that is often time consuming but oh-so-worth-it! 

Do you think the role of a stylist has changed over your career? If so, how?

An impartial eye is more necessary than ever, especially  now the world is seemingly so spoilt for choice. 

What haven't you achieved yet?

I would love to discover Africa. 

You can find Megan's upcoming classes at The School here