Before We Finish: Mei Ling Doery, Physician Entrepreneur


One of my favourite things about my work is the interesting people I connect and collaborate with on a daily basis at meetings. Now I’m asking these individuals five quick questions, ‘before we finish’ our meetings. This edition: Dr. Mei Ling Doery, a physician entrepreneur, public health expert, co-founder of MixApp and founder of MDMD (among many other things!)

Who is your last text from? What does it say?

Probably you. “OK great”. I was picking you up to go to the airport.

Do you have a mentor?

Heaps. Multiple. Can’t get enough. I consider them mentors: Patricia O’Donnell, Bill Forwood, John Kirby, Sharon Keeling, and the late Lorraine Elliott since I was 14.

Favourite failure? (your own)

Things I did not finish. Back in 2003 I worked on a project with a good friend Lincoln to create a scaleable open source system for schooling. I think it is still with the US Patents Office. We got busy in the meantime.

What podcast do you never miss?

I am a TED talk girl.

What haven’t you achieved yet?

The art of being.