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Sometimes we need news quickly, other times we want to know what's going on in a certain industry, but we certainly don’t want to receive pointless emails daily. To support a spam-free inbox while getting the best curated information delivered directly, we’ve compiled a list of our top 8 newsletters we think you should subscribe to - all newsletters we personally subscribe to ourselves.  


A quick wrap of what's happening around the world is a daily must-have - but it’s much more effective when filtered. That’s what The Squiz gives us - daily wraps of what’s going on, free from writers’ political agendas and hidden opinions. Open your emails on the train and read all the news in just a squiz.


Most of us probably follow one or two fitness bloggers that share motivational quotes that inspire us to (reluctantly) go for a run or to the gym. But what about business motivation? My Daily Business Coach helps inspire small businesses. Founder Fiona Killackey has a world of knowledge (not to mention having worked with some of the biggest brands on the planet) and businesses of all size will find plenty of useful advice and practical tips from My Daily Business Coach.

The First Round Review covers a broad range of topics. From design to management, this newsletter helps you make educated decisions for your business. First Round looks at industry leaders like Instagram's Co- Founder, Mike Krieger and draws on their experience to share your industry's best practise. Whether you work in PR or engineering, this newsletter has something for you.


Neiman Lab isn’t just for journalists. Everyone needs to know how to write and communicate properly. Neiman Lab give us pro tips and insights on where journalism is heading. Looking at how we need to shape the way we write in an internet age, this  daily newsletter will help you get the most out of platforms on the internet. If a daily recap is too much, you can opt for a weekly subscription too.


Like the name suggests, Offscreen explores what happens outside the digital world. It goes beyond the major headlines and explores the new trends and developments in technology and design. Offscreen reminds us that the purpose of  technology is to advance humanity. With just one newsletter every Tuesday, your inbox won't be clogged with spam and you can get up to date with all the tech news that might have slipped under your radar.

For those wanting more of a daily tech wrap, sign up to Daily Newsbot. You can digest all your Australian #tech & #startup news in under 10 minutes.

If you love knowing all the insights but don’t want to do the analysis yourself, then CB Insights will give you everything you need. Giving us a seriously in depth look at data and gives us access to new industry research (for free). With a touch of humor, CB Insights is your go to for all startup enthusiasts.

Love hearing about new gadgets or the latest mobile apps? Then subscribe to Product Hunt. Recapping the latest developments in software, mobile apps, tech creations and more, this newsletter will keep any product-loving enthusiasts and tech geek up to date.

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