Before We Finish: Pip Stocks, CEO of BrandHook

Pip Stocks CEO Brandhook

One of my favourite things about work is the interesting people I meet every day. When I remember, I ask people five quick questions ‘before we finish’ our meetings. This edition: Pip Stocks, the CEO of BrandHook, a customer and brand experience consultancy. 

Who is your last text from? What does it say?
One of the mums from my eldest son’s school seeing if I could log in to the portal for teacher meetings.  I am the class rep and did mange to help!

Do you have a mentor?
Not really – not an official one.  I do have a lot of people I respect and will catch up with those people regularly.

Favourite failure? (your own)

I have had a go at lot of things and am good at moving forward.  I don’t dwell too much on the past. There is one particular fail though that stands out where we were told a business-changing pitch for a client was ours to lose…. and we lost it.  We just didn’t get what they wanted and delivered something totally sub standard.   We also made a film of our people talking about our values and looking back at it, it was cringe-worthy!   I give this example as a keynote on how to do it differently.  It is quite a funny 30 minutes!

What podcast do you never miss?

I am an ‘all or nothing’ girl and listen to podcasts the same way.  I have loved Start Up (Gimlet)My Dad Wrote a Porno and The Australian’s Bowraville.  I also dip into HBR and Ted Talks.

What haven’t you achieved yet?

Loads!  I have obviously worked a lot in consultancies so trying to build a product or service would be fab