Before We Finish: Sarah Gundlach


One of our favourite things about work is the interesting people we meet every day. When we remember, we ask people a few quick questions 'before we finish' our meetings. This edition: Senior PR Consultant and newest addition to the Character team, Sarah Gundlach

Who is your last text from? What does it say?

“5.30pm, usual spot?” A text from a girlfriend I walk with regularly. I love to combine exercise and social interaction… walking, running, gym sessions, hockey, it’s great to get fresh air and a fresh perspective on life.

Do you have a mentor?

I’m fortunate to a have a number of generous, caring people in my life who I turn to for guidance and advice (and a kick up the pants when I need it!) It’s humbling to reflect on the strong men and women of integrity and intellect that surround and support me.

As my career progresses I’m becoming more aware of specific areas I’m keen to develop, so I’m working on building up a network of mentors with diverse experiences and strengths to help me address my weaknesses and identify new opportunities.

What podcast do you never miss?

I tend to pick and choose rather than listen religiously. Ones I keep coming back to include Monocle's The Entrepreneurs and The Urbanist, a16z, The New York Public Library, Notes in Spanish and HBR IdeaCast. I’m particularly enjoying HBR Women at Work right now.

What are your favourite timesaving tools? 

Nothing technical, just being prepared in advance... I’m a list-maker, a note-taker and I plan ahead to keep on time and in control. Gym gear, work clothes and lunch packed the night before, detailed weekly calendar and to-do list, regular (active) breaks and the most important tasks up front when I’m fresh. A simple but effective formula – that of course I throw out the window when an opportunity presents itself. Sometimes you just have to jump!

What haven't you achieved yet?

Wow, that’s a tricky one! In the short term I’m building up my tolerance for risk and uncertainty. I have spent a fair amount of time working with and in support of startups, so perhaps my own venture in the longer term (hence my short-term goal!) Walking the Camino de Santiago and completing a full marathon are also on my bucket list.